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New to Medicare?

Are you or someone you know new to Medicare? Becoming eligible for Medicare can make health insurance more affordable. But original Medicare alone doesn't cover the full costs of medical services - doctors, hospitals, labs - or any of the costs...

Individuals, Families, Self-Employed

The Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") of 2010 created new benefits, rights, and protections - as well as the responsibility for all Americans to maintain minimum essential coverage beginning in 2014...

Prescription Drug Plan

We help you select Part D coverage by finding the plan with the lowest overall annual cost (premiums + copays) that covers all your prescription drugs. Most Medicare Advantage plans include prescription drug benefits at no extra cost...

life insurance
Life Insurance

Life Insurance provides your designated beneficiaries funds to pay for final medical bills, funeral costs, mortgage balance, credit card debts, living expenses or any other needs – typically tax-free. Contact one of our agents for a life insurance...

Dental, Vision and Hearing

Original Medicare does not cover routine dental, vision and hearing care although some Medicare Advantage plans may include preventive benefits. Typical individual and family dental insurance has an annual deductible then covers 100% of cleanings...

asset protection
Asset Protection

Avoid worries about out-living withdrawals from your IRA by putting your nest egg to work for you. A Single Premium Immediate Annuity can convert a lump sum of your retirement funds (or life insurance payment) into a stream of monthly income...